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Marine - Shipboard Alarm & Warning Equipment


marine alarm and warning systemsShipboard Alarm and Warning Systems installed in vessels provide audible and/or visual signal when abnormal or dangerous conditions occur. The principle components of alarm and warning systems are switches or contact makers, relays, thermostats and audible and visual signals.

Model Types (Common):
High Temperature Alarm
Flooding Alarm
Smoke or Toxic Vapor Alarm
High or Low Pressure alarm
Security Alarm
Sprinkler Alarm
Liquid Level Alarm

Model Type Components:

ship alarm contact unitAudible Signal Unit

Audible signals consist of Bells, Buzzers, Horns and Sirens

Electronic Signal Unit

The Electronic Signal Unit is designed as a loss of power or bus failure alarm. The ESU provides both an audible and visual alarm indication.

Visual Signal Unit

Visual signals are used in alarm and warning systems to provide an additional means of identifying the alarm being sounded. Visual signal units typically consist of Lamp-Type Indicators.

Alarm Panels & Switchboards

ships alarm warning supportAlarm Panels & Switchboards provide for centralized monitoring of remotely located sensors.

Model Examples:

Audible Signal Units
IC/B3S4 Bell
IC/B2D4 Bell
IC/Z1D4 Horn
IC/H8D3 Motor operated Horn

Electronic Signal Unit
IC/E1D1 Bus Failure Alarm

Visual Signal Unit
2 Dial
4 Dial
6 Dial

Alarm Panels & Switchboards
IC/B-52 Alarm Panel
IC/SM Alarm Panel