FCC radiotelescopic certification
FCC Certification

raytheon anschutz standard 20 gyro certification
Raytheon Anschutz Std. 20
Gyrocompass Certification

yokagawa gyrocompass certification
Yokagawa Gyro Training

raytheon anschutz gyro certification
Raytheon - Anschutz Gyro
Standard 22 Certification

commercial doppler certification
Commercial Doppler Systems

raytheon standard 22 gyrocompass certification
Gyrocompass Standard 22 Training Certification

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Marine Equipment Parts

MK27 Gyrocompass
Ship's Gyrocompass Systems

In stock parts for mechanical/ballistic, fiber optic and ring laser gyrocompass systems. OEM support for Sperry Marine /Northrup-Grumman, Anschutz, Ixsea, and SG Brown gyrocompass systems. Specialist in Sperry MK series gyrocompass systems with otpimal in-house technical knowledge and a large inventory of components and parts.

shipboard type b - type f wind direction indicating equipment
Marine Wind Indicating Equipment

Component and part support for all marine or shipboard wind indicating systems. Supporting both US Navy Type B & F wind indicating equipment as well as Belfort and Bendix commercial systems. Parts and support for wind detector, wind transmitter, wind direction subassembly, wind speed subassembies, and wind indicator systems.

ship propeller shaft indicating unit
Ship's Ordering & Indicating Equipment

Extensive knowledge on systems and parts for engine order, propeller order, propeller revolution indicating, and rudder indicating systems for legacy ships still in operation. OEM support for Henschel, Electric Tachometer Corporation, Sig-Trans, Inc., and Pitometer Log Corporation.

ship dead reckoning analyzerMarine Dead Reckoning Equipment

Complete support for shipboard legacy marine dead reckoning equipment. Parts and systems covering dead reckoning analyzers (DRAs), dead reckoning indicators (DRIs), dead reckoning tracers (DRTs), dead reckoning analyzer indicators (DRAIs), and navigation computer plotting (NC2 & PTS12/S) systems. OEM support for Arma, Litton, Gap, Martin Marietta, Reflectone, Hartman Huyck, Sperry Marine, and Marsland.

shipboard synchros servo-motors torqsyns
Synchros - Torqsyns - Servo Motors

Parts, components, and support for legacy synchro, torqsyn, and servo motor systems. Extensive info on military standard and pre-standard synchro types in determining proper order specifications. OEM support for Kearfott, Litton, Clifton Precision, Vernitron, General Electric, Henschel, Megget, MPC, and Tachtronics.

shipboard underwater log equipmentUnderwater & Speed Log Equipment

Parts, components, and systems for electromagnetic and Doppler log systems. Support for marine underwater and speed log components as follows: Electromagnetic: sea value, rodmeter, indicator - transmitter (I/T), and electromagnetic voltage simulator (ELVS); Doppler: transducer, electronics unit, and master display unit. OEM support for Litton, Control Instrument, Gould - Chesapeake, McKiernan-Terry, Dewey, Sperry Marine, Raytheon Marine, and Ametek.

henschel ships synchro signal amplifiers
Synchro Signal Amplifiers

Support for both - Type E (60 Hz Synchro Amplifier) & F (400 Hz Synchro Amplifier) systems. OEM support for systems manufactured by Sperry Marine / Northrop-Grumman and Henschel SSA systems.

marine alarm and warning systems
Marine Alarm & Warning Systems

Systems and support for varying shipboard audible and visual alarm and warning systems. High temperature, flooding, smoke or toxic vapor, high or low pressure, security, sprinkler, and liquid level alarm systems. Components supported include audible, visual and electronic signal units and alarm panels and switchboards.

sperry marine step convertersAnalog - Digital Converters

Gyro Systems has extensive knowledge with implementing analog to digital conversion devices primarily to interface newer, state of the art, digital equipment with older, analog equipment. Experience includes digital to synchro/resolver, sSynchro/resolver to digital, aAnalog to digital / digital to analog, wind speed & direction analog data to digital/NEMA 0183, gyro step to digital, digital to step, and step to synchro.

sperry ships coarse indicatorsShipboard Display Indicators

Analog and digital shipboard display indicator parts and support for ship's course indicators (SCI), ship's speed indicators (SSI), ship's distance indicators (SDI), roll, pitch, wind speed and direction, depth, prop revolutions, rudder angle, rate of turn, and time. OEM support for Sperry Marine, Henschel, and Raytheon shipboard display indicator components.