raytheon anschutz standard 20 gyro certification
Raytheon Anschutz Std. 20
Gyrocompass Certification

yokagawa gyrocompass certification
Yokagawa Gyro Training

raytheon anschutz gyro certification
Raytheon - Anschutz Gyro
Standard 22 Certification

raytheon standard 22 gyrocompass certification
Gyrocompass Standard 22 Training Certification

gyrocompass standard 20 training certification
Gyrocompass Standard 20 Training Certification

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Marine - Shipboard Control Ordering & Indicating Equipment


Because of the complexity of a ship's Control Ordering & Indicating Systems - these systems are installed to aid ship control operations. Indicating and ordering systems include Engine Order, Propeller Revolution Order, Propeller Revolution Indicating and Rudder Indicating.


Engine Order System

The Engine Order System provides propeller shaft direction order (ahead-back), acknowledgement of the order, Port and Starboard orders for ships with multiple engines, relaying or order information to remote stations and speed control.

marine propeller shaft indicating system
Propeller Order System

The propeller revolution order system transmits the required propeller revolutions per minute from the pilothouse to each propulsion gauge and control board.

Propeller Revolution Indicating System

The propeller revolution indicating system displays the actual number of propeller revolutions per minute at the pilothouse and other locations. Actual revolutions are sensed at the propeller shaft and transmitted to remote displays by self-synchronous transmitters.

Rudder Indicating Systems

The rudder angle indicating system provides a means of electrically transmitting the angular position of the rudder head to designed stations throughout the ship.

Model Examples:

IC/7UB42-1A Propulsion Order Transmitter-Indicator
IC/7UE44-1B Propulsion Order Indicator – Transmitter
IC/2UA01-1 Propulsion Order Double Indicator
IC/1UB11-1 Propeller Pitch Indicator
IC/10UE48 Rudder Order/Angle transmitter-Indicator
IC/2UA11-1 Double Rudder Angle Indicator
IC/3UE01-1 Order Angle Indicator
IC/4BG31-1 Rudder Angle Transmitter
IC/2A&B Propeller Revolution Transmitter
IC/3A&B Propeller Revolution Transmitter
IC/6PNC4-Z&ZM Propeller Revolution Indicator-Transmitter
IC/6PNC2-Z&ZM Propeller Revolution Indicator-Transmitter

Original equipment Manufacturer’s (OEMs):
Henschel Corporation
Electric Tachometer Corporation
Sig-trans, Inc.
Pitometer Log Corporation