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Marine - Shipboard Wind Speed & Direction Indicating Equipment

Type B Wind Direction Indicators Type FDescription:

The Wind Direction and Speed Indicating System is used to indicate instantaneously and continuously the wind direction in degrees relative to the ship’s heading and the wind speed in knots relative to the ship.

Wind Speed & Direction Types:


Type B – The Type B Wind System supplies 115 VAC 60 Hertz Wind Data.
Type F – The Type F Wind system supplies 115 VAC 60 hertz and 115 VAC 400 Hertz Wind Data.


Wind Detector (BIRD)

The wind detector detects wind speed and direction and sends this information to the transmitter. The detector is free to turn about its vertical axis which enables the wind direction, relative to the ship, to be detected. The wind speed is determined by the speed of a propeller and rotor. The wind detector is a dual purpose unit which uses two synchro transmitters to send relative direction and relative speed data electrically to the Wind Transmitter.

Wind Transmitter

The wind transmitter processes the wind data from the wind detector. The wind transmitter is comprised of a wind speed subassembly and a wind direction subassembly.

Wind Direction Subassembly

The Wind Direction Subassembly receives the change in relative wind direction from the detector via a control transformer (CT). The CT output is amplified by a magnetic amplifier which drives a servomotor which is turn through gearing positions output synchros which supply relative wind direction data to wind indicators and other ship’s systems as required.

Wind Speed Subassembly

The Wind Speed Subassembly receives a change in relative wind speed via its CT which sends a signal to a magnetic amplifier which drives a servo motor. The servo motor in this case is connected to a synchronous integrator which changes the rotary displacement of the servo motor to the angular displacement of the output synchros which provides relative wind speed data to wind indicators and ship’s systems as required.

Wind Indicator

The wind Indicator receives the wind direction and speed signal data from the wind transmitter and displays this information on two separate dials. The two dial assemblies are identical except for the numbered dials. The speed dial is numbered in 10 knots intervals 0 to 99; the direction dial is numbered in 10 degree intervals 0 to 359.


Belfort Aerovane Wind Indicating System

The Belfort Aerovane provides 115 VAC 60 Hertz wind direction synchro data and a magneto signal voltage proportional to wind speed.


Cat. 120 Wind Transmitter (BIRD) – Dual purpose instrument for measuring wind speed and wind direction.
Cat. 122 Wind Transmitter (BIRD) – Single purpose instrument for measuring wind speed only.
Cat. 135 wind Indicator – an electrical device designed to give constant visual indication of wind speed and direction.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs):

Bendix Instrument
Belfort Instrument Co.